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An update for 2014
Retirement loomed for us (Jeremy and Jeni) and as a result we now only organise self-guided holidays and despite no longer being resident in Spain we maintain the links built up over our 20 year sojourn and continue to be active in the organisation of walking and touring holidays in Spain.
"Thank you" to all our loyal groups who have returned to the Alpujarra over the years with our help.
Other colleagues who have always worked with walkAlpujarra will be able to help any groups or individuals who would like the benefit of a guide and we will try to put you in contact if requested.


walkAlpujarra organises walking, painting or touring holidays in Spain, Andalucia, La Alpujarra, Las Alpujarras, and in Yorkshire, England. These holidays are guided or self led and are suitable for individuals or groups. It is a cottage industry in hill country run by Jeni and Jeremy Rabjohns. In the rural communities comprising The Alpujarra where everything except the geography is on a small scale, it has always been the norm for families to seek a subsistence living from the land. In a similar way we are trying to make our living from the land, by showing it off to our visitors. walkAlpujarra although small has over the years built up relationships with travel agents in the UK, Spain, USA, New Zealand, Holland and Canada. If you prefer to book your holiday through an  agency in your own country we can put you intouch. We make up with quality, what we lack in size... a long motto but it describes our aims and we think our guests appreciate having a holiday with a personal touch. We devote all the time you need to the planning of your holiday, but are discreetly in the background once you arrive. We live here, we love the place and we find that our visitors appreciate our efforts to give them a taste of what has captivated us. Some of our holidays are guided and this is the part of our work that we enjoy most.


If you choose the guide service your guide is most likely to be Jeremy (see 2014 note above). If you need an English, French or German speaking guide, or a Spanish native guide then we know of respected colleagues who will serve you well. All of us speak Spanish and English, we all have many years of experience of living in, and walking the Alpujarra, are first-aid trained and equipped and can be relied upon to safely lead you through parts the others miss.



After obtaining an honours degree in Fine Art, (specialising in painting and printmaking), I worked for many years as an Art Tutor with the OCA and North Yorkshire County Council and as Art Therapist with Barnardos, before moving to Spain in 1994.

Now a full-time resident of Trevélez, I divide my time between painting and printmaking. Rambling through the beautiful countryside of the Alpujarra and Sierra Nevada with watercolours and pastels, I attempt to capture the essence of my adopted home. You can see some of my work on my gallery website or blog.

Member of the Agrupación de Acuarelistas de Andalucia, (Watercolour Society of Andalucía)

My illustrations in the guide book "Holiday Walks in the Alpujarra", show my fascination with the landscape, architecture and people of this beautiful region of Andalucia. I look forward to sharing my favourite painting locations with you.



Born in Warwick, England in 1949, a biology graduate who couldn't get a job messing about in ponds, and with a severe distaste for the office routine imposed by a computing career, I began to look for an escape route which led to a move to the Alpujarra in 1994. Since then, living in the Alpujarra, Jeni and I have been absorbing the scene, learning the language, and along the way have written a guidebook for visitors to our chosen home. Over the years I have many happy days and weeks walking the area, and sharing the fruit of these years with our clients. If your holiday is self led then we pride ourselves that some of this experience will show up in the information we provide. Having led groups of mountain cyclists over the Yorkshire Dales and Moors and in the Andalucian mountains from the 1980's until 2014 I am confident of giving you or your group a rewarding time, encouraging you to achieve as much as possible, without exceeding your physical abilities. Your walks will explore the landscape and cultures past and present and will give time to sit, stare and absorb a little of the Alpujarran peace. I hope to hear from you soon. - Jeremy